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Canadian National Arenacross Tour

Amateur Rider Services

Information Package




About The Arenacross Tour: The Canadian National Arenacross Tour is project that Jetwerx International has been working on for several years with the timing becoming a reality last fall. It is currently a 5 round Professional Arenacross series, which includes a East and West Amateur National Arenacross Championship. Pro arenacross riders compete for a total cash payout of over $70,000. Over 20 Amateurs classes race for their share of $20,000 of trophies, prizes and series awards. For more information, please visit:


The Vision: To build the National Arenacross Tour into a trade mark of Canadian motocross history, in which it would become a house hold name around the world. Helping to create a positive  future for our great sport and allowing our countries amateur and Pro riders to become more competitive on a global scale at indoor motocross events.


Who is Jetwerx:  Jetwerx is a promotional and track development company with over 15 years experience at all levels of action sports.  Jetwerx is a forward thinking company that is always progressing, learning, and open to new innovative ideas that helps promote a better, safer and more entertaining event.  The introduction of the National Arenacross series will help industry sales, athlete development and progress the already successful summer motocross scene across the country by creating a longer race season much like the USA.  Jetwerx plans to achieve all of this by connecting the country through the Canadian National Arenacross Tour.






















Schedule of Events


Event Schedule:


East National Championship

Round 1   -  Sarnia, ON - Hiawatha Park - Oct. 8

Round 2   -  Barrie, ON - Molson Center - Oct 15


West National Championship

Round 3 - Moose Jaw, SK - Mosiac Place - Oct 22

Round 4  - Penticton, BC - South Okanogan Center - Oct 29

Round 5 - Calgary, AB - Agrium Center - Nov 5




Amateur Rider Information
















Amateur Classes:


















Entry Fees

Amateur Entry Fee is $40 per class / $35 for each additional includes transponder.

IXSA Membership Required at No Cost

$20 Wristband gate fee

$20 Mechanic wristband

$10 Rider wristband

 (all riders are required to have a pit pass, pit passes serve as tickets to the event)

(Mechanic pass serves as a pit pass. One mechanic pass per rider)



Numbers for the 2016 Canadian National Arenacross Tour will be off a first come first serve basis.



Amateur Series Information

Amateur Riders must compete in ALL  races in there division to be eligible for 2016 Canadian National Championship Division awards and Number 1 plates.



Racing / Practice Format

ALL amateur classes run a traditional 2 Moto format with 1 practice.

The Amateur Allstar Classes in the Night Program are qualified only classes.

The Amateur Spotlight Rider Program


What is the Amateur Spotlight Rider Program?

The Amateur Spotlight Rider program has been a trade mark of the Ax Tour for many years highlighting local amateur riders in-front of there hometown crowd in opening ceremonies at each venue.

All riders are eligible for this program with simply signing up on the website and filling out the Amateur Spotlight questionnaire.

 Parts Canada Amateur Allstars

All classes are eligible for the amateur Allstar races in each night program.


What is Amateur Allstars?

Amateur Allstars was designed for the best Amateur Riders in the country to be placed on a platform that puts the rider in the driver seat to showcase his or her talents in-front of a Live attendance of fans and industry leaders, along with a LIVE Video broadcast to  thousands of fans watching the event around the world.


How does a rider qualify for the Amateur Allstar Race?

All riders are eligible for the Amateur Allstar classes, the classes require you to qualify out of you normal class into a “Super Final” similar to the Pro riders “Clash For Cash” race. The Amateur Allstar classes are the only classes that will be in the night show allowing for the best of the best amateurs to go head to head in a Main event.


The Amateur Allstar class structure and qualifying eligible:
























If a rider qualifies into the Amateur Allstars Night program in multiple classes of the same division his or her 2nd qualifying position will be given up to the next available rider in the class with the highest entries.


Sign Up For The Amateur Spotlight Program

51cc STOCK SHAFT 4-8 yrs


51cc JR STOCK 4-6 yrs


51cc SR STOCK 7-8 yrs


51cc OPEN 4-9yrs


65cc 7-9yrs

 (52cc-65cc 2-stroke, 52cc-90cc 4-stroke)


65cc 10-11yrs

(52cc-65cc 2-stroke, 52cc-90cc 4-stroke)


65cc 7-11yrs Open

(52cc-65cc 2-stroke, 52cc-90cc 4-stroke)(No Beg)


65cc-85cc Open Beg


85cc Beg 9-15yrs

(79cc-85cc 2-stroke, 91cc-150cc 4-stroke)


85cc 9-11yrs

(79cc-85cc 2-stroke, 91cc-150cc 4-stroke)


Supermini 11-16

(79-112cc 2-Stroke, 91cc-150cc 4-Stroke)(No Beg)


Schoolboy  12-16yrs

(100-150cc 2 stroke & 150-250cc 4 Stroke)


Youth 16-29 yrs

(126cc-250cc 2-stroke, 150cc-450-cc 4-stroke)


Girls 9-13yrs (65-100cc)


Women 12+ (100-250cc)


Vet Plus 30


Vet Plus 40


AX Lites Beginner

(100cc-250cc 2-stroke, 151cc-250cc 4-stroke)


AX Lites Junior

(100cc-250cc 2-stroke, 151cc-250cc 4-stroke)


AX Lites Intermediate

(100cc-250cc 2-stroke, 151cc-250cc 4-stroke)


AX Beginnger

(145cc-500cc 2-stroke 122cc-OPEN 4-stroke)


AX Junior

(145cc-500cc 2-stroke 122cc-OPEN 4-stroke)


AX Intermediate

(145cc-500cc 2-stroke 122cc-Open 4-stroke)


Points Structure


Finishing Position Points

1st           25

2nd          22

3rd           20

4th           18

5th           16

6th           15

7th           14

8th           13

9th           12

10th         11

11th         10

12th          9

13th          8

14th          7

15th          6

16th          5

Axtour Rule Book

Please visit our sanctioning partner IXSA at for the full rulebook.


Scoring And Timing

Scoring and timing are operated through our partner Hard Card Systems that runs global scoring for a range of events. Your transponder is included in your sign up and will be given to the rider at registration.



Awards are given as follows: 1 award for every 3 riders in every class.

Championship Awards are given to the Top 3 in each class. To be eligible for championship East / West awards you must compete in all events in your division.



Daily Schedule





7:00-8:30 am amateur rider registration

All riders and mechanics will need TO REGISTER at this time.

Pre REGISTERED riders will need to check in and pick up wristbands and practice stickers.

Mechanic passes must be signed for by the riders mechanic. Mechanic passes will be sold one per rider and are $15. Mechanic passes will serve as their ticket to the event.

Pit passes will be sold at this time for all guests. Pit passes serve as tickets to the event and are $15. Pit passes are unlimited in number and need to be signed for. Pit pass prices will rise to the regular admission price of $20 after 1:00pm on Friday and Saturday.


Track Walk

8:30am rider/mechanic track walk

The track will be OPEN at this time for the riders and their mechanic to inspect. Spectators with pit passes will not be permitted on the track, for any reason, at any time.


Riders Meeting

8:45 am riders meeting

All amateur rider and mechanics are required to attend riders meeting. The EVENT MANAGER will be giving details to how the event will run and touch on major rules. All riders should read the rules posted on under the “Rule Book” tab prior to the event. Copies of the rules will be available at the registration office on the day of the event.


Amateur Practice

9:00-11:30 am amateur practice

All amateur riders will have the opportunity to practice at this time. The practice order will be posted the morning of the event and will be announced at the riders meeting. The practice order will be run through once (this is a approx. 8 lap practice). In order to allow more practice time all OPEN classes will practice their appropriate age or discipline i.e. a 7 year old 50cc rider racing in the 50cc open class will practice with the 50cc 7-8 practice, there will be no “open” class practices. All riders will need to have their practice sticker on their front number plate. Riders will receive practice stickers at registration. All riders will need to wear their event wristbands in order to practice. Event wristbands will be sold at registration.


Lunch Break

11:00-11:30 am  Track Maintenance

11:30 am    Amateur Racing

2:30 pm    Pro Practice

3:00 pm  Pro Timed Qualify

3:30 pm    Amateur Racing

5:15 pm  AX Pro LCQ

   AX Lites Pro LCQ

5:30 pm   Track Maintenance


6:00pm    PIT PARTY in Pro Pits

6:50 pm  50 riders and Amateur Spotlight Riders Meeting at Starting gate.

7:05pm   Opening Ceremonies

7:15pm  Night Program Starts (See Attached Schedule)



Night Race Schedule (subject to change)


Click Here For Rulebook


Dirt bike, ATV and BMX riding is extremely dangerous. Serious injury or death could occur as a result of engagement in this activities.

JETWERX or its owners assume no liability that exist when riding on any tracks or parks that JETWERX constructs.