Rules / Policy


 Media are required to dress appropriately. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times, sandals are prohibited. Credentials must be clearly displayed at all times during events and only by the individual to whom it was issued. Credentials are non-transferable and will be revoked if used by any other person. If your credential is lost, stolen or damaged, contact the Media Director immediately.

 Photographers will be required to wear an official Photo Vest and must keep a safe distance from the race course, or relocate as instructed by officials. All photos taken are the property of Arenacross Tour. Websites may upload still images from any Event; however, these images may not be used for any commercial or retail purposes without the express written consent of AX Tour and the athlete(s) depicted.

 Media track access is limited to those areas where Media can safely capture images without endangering either themselves or event competitors. Media are prohibited from standing in or on the edge of the race track or  “otherwise interfering with the race” and must maintain safe distance from the designated edge of the track surface at all times.

We may approve or deny media access at any time.





All forms must be approved at the event prior to the start of the show.


All Photographers and/or Reporters must sign in at the Event office to get Track access vests. They must be returned prior to the exit of the event along with an arrangement for Jetwerx access to photo's. (ie. Smug Mug.)


Media Requirements:

By submitting and signing this application i agree to the following:


I am at least 18 years of age.

Any and all of the photos taken by me at the Event(s) will be used only in the performance of my duties/ responsibilities with the media outlet i represent and will not be resold.

I agree to wear the provided media credential at all times while on the infield/track area.

I agree to comply with any/all instructions given to me by the Promoter and track officials.

I agree to reference the Arenacross Tour in all Published or broadcast work as a result of my assignment.

I agree to provide the Arenacross Tour with two (3) copies of the work published, printed or broadcast-ed as a result of my assignment.


MEDIA RELEASE OF LIABILITY: As condition of being permitted to enter and/or use the race facilities, premises and equipment at the Ax Tour Events, I AGREE to assume all risks associated with photographing, videoing, recording, spectating, use of the facilities and any other activities associated with my assignment and/or presence at the events.




International Inc.


Dirt bike, ATV and BMX riding is extremely dangerous. Serious injury or death could occur as a result of engagement in this activities. JETWERX or its owners assume no liability that exist when riding on any tracks or parks that JETWERX constructs.