The Arenacross Tour takes pride in reaching out to the communities it visits throughout the season. As a way to involve professional and amateur riders with the community, The Arenacross Tour organizes visits to local schools to share positive messages with students. The Arenacross Tour also visited childrens hospitals to help bring a smile to and unique experience to children battling sicknesses. Visits to local college Heath and Sports Medicine classes were done in an effort to give those interested in the field the opportunity to see the protective equipment riders wear and physical demands they face.


























College Visits:

College visits gave students of sports medicine and health science departments an opportunity to see the protective equipment riders wear compared

to other sports. Most of these students focus on preventative and recovery medicine for the athletes involved in the sports teams on campus, but our visits give them a chance to be exposed to a new sport. Rider’s were also given health evaluations such as VO2 Max texts where results were compared to other athletes. Bio-mechanics of the body were examined as well. The visits included a brief introduction to the sport with videos showing the rider in action, followed by Q & A time with the rider, and the opportunity to see the protective equipment up close.

















School Visits:

Last season the Arenacross Tour spoke to hundreds of students about the importance of sportsmanship and safety. Our message centered on how our professional riders exhibit sportsmanship through racing and the important traits and characteristics the students should strive for.

At the school visits riders would suit up in gear and have their bike on display. This gave students the chance to see the safety equipment the riders wear and what a

dirt bike and motocross racer looks like. This was a first time experience for many of the kids. We would share a short video that showed the riders in action to grab the students attention. At the conclusion of the visits, students were given a coloring sheet that if completed could be exchanged as a child’s admission ticket at our events.


















Hospital Visits:

The Arenacross Tour visited local children’s hospitals in an effort to put a smile on a child’s face that is battling a sickness. Riders dressed in their riding gear and visited with the children who were unable to leave their rooms and allowed those

that were able to make a trip to the lobby have the chance to sit on a bike and have pictures taken. Seeing how excited the children were reminded the riders how fortunate they are and how important it is to set time aside to positive things for others.



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Dirt bike, ATV and BMX riding is extremely dangerous. Serious injury or death could occur as a result of engagement in this activities. JETWERX or its owners assume no liability that exist when riding on any tracks or parks that JETWERX constructs.