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International Inc.


Pro Classes:


AX Lites Pro- AM (100cc-250cc 2-stroke, 151cc-250cc 4-stroke)(Intermediate riders are eligible for the AX Lites Pro Only)

AX Pro (145cc-500cc 2-stroke 122cc-Open 4-stroke)

Clash for Cash (Top 8 from AX Pro and Top 4 from AX Lites class)


Entry Fees

Pro Entry Fee is $55 per class.


Racing Format

1. Pro classes are traditional Heat, LCQ, Main event format with points only counting in the main events.


Practice Format

Depending on rider turnout there will be a divisional practice with the current top ten riders in GROUP A. Other groups will be formed GROUP B and GROUP C according to sign up. Any AMA national top 100 number will be added to GROUP A.


 Practice will be as follows:

1st practice for each division will be 6 laps FREE PRACTICE (no times)

2nd and final practice will be 8 laps Timed Qualifying to make the Night Show.


Qualifying Format

Qualifying will be as follows:

Top 18 will be automatically into the Night Heats.

The 6 remaining spots to be decided in an LCQ format.


Night Program

Night program will be as Follows:

2 heats top 5 positions transfer direct to the main event.

The remained will go to the LCQ. Two riders will transfer to the main event out of the LCQ.


During the Night program Jetwerx USA Inc. holds the right to use POV cams on the top 5 fastest qualifying riders and to use capturing footage of such cams for purpose of promotion, advertising, web content and television.


 Clash For Cash

All Pro riders are eligible for the Clash For Cash, the top 4 from AX Lites and the top 8 from AX will line up for the final race of the night with the big purse funds.


Provisional gate pick: if a current top ten rider or current / past champion does not qualify for the Clash For Cash they can use a ONE time provisional gate pick to be allowed gate number 13, which is in the second row.


Only ONE provisional rider is allowed to enter at each event, starting with current / past champion of any IXSA Pro Championships and then going to the current top 10 points standings.





PAYOUT : ($8075 per venue)


Pro Purse (Paid Per Event)

         CLASH FOR CASH        AX PRO          AX Lites

1st                1200                          1000                   800

2nd                800                             600                   400

3rd                 600                             250                   200

4th                 300                             100                   100

5th                 200                               75                    75

6th                 100                               60                    60

7th                   75                               50                    50

8th                   50

9th                   45

10th                 35




Royal Distributing Holeshot Award:

Paid per event, per main event

250cc Main event - $200

450cc Main event - $250

Clash for Cash - $400



Pro Points Structure


Finishing Position Points

1st           25

2nd          22

3rd           20

4th           18

5th           16

6th           15

 7th          14

8th           13

9th           12

10th         11

11th         10

12th          9

13th          8 *** (Provisional Use Only)



Hookit.com which is the provider of most Manufacture programs. Check with your dealer for details.







Pro Rider Package Download

Dirt bike, ATV and BMX riding is extremely dangerous. Serious injury or death could occur as a result of engagement in this activities. JETWERX or its owners assume no liability that exist when riding on any tracks or parks that JETWERX constructs.